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Supporting Organizations
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Supporting Organizations

The following supporting organizations are affiliated with the Community Foundation. A supporting organization is a separate legal entity that has its own board of directors and 501(c)(3) tax-exempt status from the Internal Revenue Service. These organizations support the work of the Fremont Area Community Foundation. Each supporting organization has its own grantmaking process.

Fremont Area Elderly Needs Fund
In response to the Elderly Needs Survey of 1988 (and the grant-making initiative that followed), this fund was created in 1992, acquiring its assets through a transfer of funds from the Community Foundation. The Foundation provides administrative and investment support to ENF's board. The purpose of the Elderly Needs Fund is to make grants to support health and enrich aging for the elderly of Newaygo County.

Amazing X Charitable Trust Fund
The Amazing X Charitable Trust (AXCT) was established as a fund in 1978 with a gift from Daniel Gerber, Jr. Their primary role is to recommend grants to the Foundation's board to benefit people of Newaygo County with disabilities.

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